Also known as "Fiore di Levante" (Flower of the East), beautiful Zakynthos or Zante is rightfully one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The third largest island of the Ionian Sea guarantees unforgettable holidays, since it has a unique natural beauty, enriched by its cultural heritage and enhanced by the uninterrupted smile of the Zakynthians.

Nature enriched the island with countless beauties, as wonderful sandy beaches, such as the famous "Navagio / Shipwreck", alternate with coasts, adorned with caves and small creeks. The Lagana Bay, nesting place of the Caretta - Caretta turtle and a national park since 1999, is one of the most famous spots in Zakynthos, while the its beach and its three islands (Marathonissi, Agios Sostis, Peluzo) make an unforgettable scenery. The view from Bochali, the churches of St. Dionysios and St. Mark, Stranis Hill and the museums of the Island are just the cover of a "book" that has only exciting stories to tell!

From the depths of the antiquity to the 19th century, Zakynthos met many settlers and conquerors. Its distinctive Greek color has been enriched with elements of the West and the East, reflecting magnificently to the present atmosphere of Chora and its dozens of villages, but also in its cultural tradition.

Custodians and successors of this heritage are the Zakynthians, a hospitable and happy people. At every opportunity they share with the visitor their love for life, mainly through Music and the Theater. Songs and theatrical "speeches" are an integral part of the island's everyday life, enriching the travelling experience in a place where one summer is not enough to explore it.