Few are the places that, with just their name, can inspire the human mind and Ithaca undoubtedly holds the top position among them. However, the Island proves with ease even to its most demanding visitors, that it is much more than the synonym of Nostalgia.

The elongated island is located in the northeast of Kefalonia, from which it is divided by the homonymous strait, and presents a multidimensional landscape, where bays, capes, caves and beaches make every corner of it another photo opportunity.

Vathi, the capital of the island and its main port, impresses with its amphitheatrical layout and architecture, being an ideal starting point for exploring excursions to the beaches, castles, museums and neighborhoods of Ithaca. Lazareto, Cave of the Nymphs, Monastery of Katharon, Anogi, Exogi, Kioni, Right, Skinos, Afales - are just some of the entries in the travel log of the Ithaca’s visitor.

Every resident of Ithaca will be delighted to share the beauties of an island that, even if it did not associate its name with nostalgic travel, from the very beginnings of history, would do so comfortably today.