Before you travel with Levante Ferries, get some useful information about your chosen destination.


Also known as ‘Fioro tou Levante’ (Flower of the East), beautiful Zakynthos is fairly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is the third largest Ionian island and boasts a rich history as well as a great cultural heritage.


Kyllini belongs to Ilia prefecture and lies on the westernmost cape of Peloponnese, at a distance of 280 kilometers from Athens. In Kyllini worth to visit is the exceptional castle Hlemoutsi, while the beautiful beaches are also a good reason to stay a little longer.


Kefalonia, the largest Ionian island, represents for many the most favorite destination for holidays. And this is not strange, as it is an island that combines nature, history, culture, great beaches, unique sights, as well as hospitable people. Among others, worth visiting are the Lake cave of Melissani, the St. George castle and Myrtos beach.


Ithaca is an island of Eptanisa lying south of Lefkada and east of the northwest coast of Kefalonia, from which it is separated by the Strait of Ithaca. Its capital is Vathi. Ithaca is an oblong shaped island covering an area of 96 square kilometers (37 sq mi). Its population is 3.231 according to the 2011 census.