Our ships were designed in accordance with the highest international standards regarding technology and safety; thus ensuring the best possible travel experience for all passengers, regardless of the weather conditions. The spacious areas and the friendly personnel of our ships are a guarantee of an enjoyable voyage across the Ionian Sea.

Fior di Levante

The precious gem of our fleet – it has also gained international recognition (awarded the Shippax Award 2015) as the most beautiful ferry in the world. Everything about Fior di Levante scents… Zakynthos: From its name itself which is another known name for Zakynthos (Fioro tou Levante = Flower of the East) to the decoration in every single part of its interior!

Mare di Levante

A ship-symbol of reliability and comfort, appreciated by all Ionian people. With a remarkable capacity of its garages, Mare di Levante (Sea of the East) today is a pillar regarding the cargo – and not just that, of course - traffic across the Ionian islands.