We should inform the passengers that, in accordance with Government Gazette Α 84 /13-04-2020 Act of Legislative Content, Article Sixty-Five (65), Part XVI “Debts due to cancelled voyages,” regarding the period between 25 February 2020 and 31 October 2020, by way of derogation from the applicable provisions, the following shall be in effect:

a) Any claims for refunding the price of ferry tickets, as well as of tickets of international voyages, to passengers that are unable to travel due to the restrictions imposed on movements, or who do not wish to travel due to the uncertainty prevailing because of the pandemic, or due to cancelled services, as long as they are provided for by the national or EU legislation, shall be satisfied by providing the ticket owners with a credit note of a value equal to the price of the ticket of the cancelled service. The credit note shall be issued by the ship owner or the shipping company or the manager (hereinafter the “Transporter”) and shall be valid for eighteen (18) months after the date of the original voyage. Throughout the above period, the beneficiary of the credit note can at any moment use it for any destination included in the transporter’s network. The debt may not become due and payable before the expiration of the credit note. The debt shall become due and payable as long as eighteen (18) months have passed and the credit note has not been used.

b) Case a) shall also apply to contracts of fully chartering commercial pleasure craft of L. 4256/2014 (Α΄ 92), which are signed among: (a) the ship owner, i.e. a natural or legal person, including Pleasure Craft Maritime Companies of L. 3182/2003 (Α΄ 22), (b) ship-brokers, shipping agents, tourist agents involved in the charter agreement as per case b of par. 5 of Article 3 of L. 4256/2014 and Joint Ministerial Decision No. 3133.1/10229/2016/4.2.2016 (Β΄ 364), and (c) the charterers, i.e. natural or legal persons.

c) The provisions of the present include claims due to cancelled services or sightseeing voyages and/or prohibition of passenger movement on coastal shipping and international or tourist services in the period between 25 February 2020 and 31 October 2020.

d) The provisions of the present shall necessarily be applicable to other contracts as well, in which the parties have agreed that not only the Greek but also a foreign legislation shall be in effect as long as the relevant rights are provided for by the EU legislation.



We kindly inform you that on 31/07/2018 (Tuesday) the itinerary of 19:00 from Poros Kefalonia to Kyllini will be executed for nuisance vehicles and tank trucks, but not for passengers.

Extension of the 20% discount until 31/10/2016


IONIAN GROUP informs passengers that it is extending the duration of the current 20% discount on the return tickets for the routes Patra – Sami Kefalonia – Ithaca & Kyllini – Poros Kefalonia, until Monday 31st of October, regardless of the date of the trip.

See all the itineraries here.


New era in the Greek ferry industry by the IONIAN GROUP, with the e-ticket10/8/2016

IONIAN GROUP keeping its promises about constant updating of its services both in terms of seaworthy and luxurious ships as well as of technology, aiming to the best possible customer service, introduces the e-ticket.
Now, with the electronic ticket, you don’t have to worry about where to get your ticket from, or wait in the ticket offices queues at the port, as you can have it in your hands, electronically, the moment you want it.
Issue your ticket simply, by entering the site of the company www.ioniangroup.com, choose the reservation, the destination and the itineraries you are interested in and receive your ticket automatically in your email, on your cell phone or on your tablet.
Next, you can choose to print your ticket or show it on the screen of your mobile device (cell phone or tablet) upon your embarkation on the ship.
With the e-ticket, see in the New Era of electronic tickets and save time and money.
The New Era comes from the Ionian Sea, by the IONIAN GROUP.
The ticket issuing and the check-in are done electronically.
IONIAN GROUP breaks ground and is waiting for you to sail for the Ionian Sea, in one of our lines:

Patra – Kefalonia  - Ithaca
Kyllini – Zakynthos – Kefalonia
Travel with the champions of Luxury and Technology


IONIAN GROUP thanks the people of Kefalonia and Ithaca 15/7/2016

On account of the increase of arrivals at the ports of Kefalonia and Ithaca that was recorded this June, in comparison to last June, IONIAN GROUP expresses warm thanks to the people of Kefalonia and Ithaca who show an obvious and loyal preference to the IONIAN GROUP’s ships.
IONIAN GROUP promises to continue unhindered, not only offering high quality services and daily routes that satisfy as much as possible the passengers’ needs, but also investing in the regular advertising - in all ways and media - the beautiful Ionian islands.  


International Shippax Award 2015 for Fior di Levante of Levante Ferries  20/4/2016

Fior di Levante, the first F/B of Levante Ferries, has been awarded the renown International Shippax Award 2015 as the most beautiful ferry not only in Greece but also in the world, during the Ferry Shipping Conference on April 13th 2016, in Stockholm.
In particular, Fior di Levante was awarded the first prize for its exterior and interior modern design that reflects high service quality and comfort for the passenger, for its commercialism, as well as for its unique company branding. The award was received by the Head of Levante Ferries, George Theodosis.


IONIAN GROUP: The power at the Ionian Sea20/7/2015

Levante Ferries, after its new acquisition, the tried and trusted Mare di Levante ship, is proud to announce the expansion of its collaboration with Zante Ferries, forming a dynamic group, the IONIAN GROUP.
IONIAN GROUP, with its ships Fior di Levante, Mare di Levante and Dionisios Solomos, aims to the full coverage of Ionian islands passengers’ needs with higher frequency and absolute routes stability, offering - full of zest and excitement - the best sea transport services both to Ionian islands people and to all visitors coming from all around the world.
The Levante Ferries team proves effectively that it does not linger, it continues the upgrading of its offered services and it keeps being in the frontline of new developments and of the ‘next day’ in the shipping sector, with a structured and well-organized strategy for growth and development. At present, Levante Ferries trades in the Ionian Sea, serving all passengers in the most consummate and advanced way, true to its vision to render the Ionian Sea transports an archetype and a benchmark of high quality services in Greece and throughout the world!


Levante Ferries just got a new member!16/7/2015

Only a few months after its establishment, Levante Ferries adds a new ship to its fleet, the tried, trusted and renowned Mare di Levante, which enters the Kyllini- Zakynthos-Kefalonia line with daily routes. Mare di Levante will soon be renovated according to the standards of our company.